Why I didn’t work out today

I have several reasons why I didn’t work out today.  I will list them for you.

1.  I set the alarm for 4:00am to get up and get stuff done.  I hit snooze until 5:00am.  I really wish I could get out of that habit.

2.  I logged on to see what the Fitmixer bootcamp workout of the day was.  The first move was a Superman.  I hate Supermans.

3.  I had coupons to organize and clip.

Yup, I am a couponer.  I am not really all that good at it and probably spend more money now than I did before I got into the coupon craze.  That is not because of lack of couponing skills (I learned from taking a class from this lady) but because I buy things I don’t need because they are a great deal.

4.  I finished folding laundry.  It is my worst hated chore….but I like it more than I like doing Supermans.

5.  I attempted this hairstyle.  My hair is now in a ponytail……I obviously didn’t do it right. 😦

Really I was sore and I had other things to do.  I will do Day 2 of running this week tomorrow and will save my Supermans for Saturday.  Fitness is flexible.  🙂  I am still working on getting more organized with my blog.  One issue I am having problems with is coming up with blog topics.  Your help would be appreciated.  Leave a comment with something you would like to see me blog about.

Have a good Thursday y’all.  Tomorrow is Friday!!!!



2 thoughts on “Why I didn’t work out today

  1. Being sore is reason enough to not workout! Usually on a day where I don’t feel motivated to do what “the plan” is, I find something more fun to do, like call a friend up and walk with them or do Michael Jackson’s dance game on the Wii (yeah. that happens).

    Blog topics …. you could blog about your daughter, any hobbies you have, things you like (movies and books, etc.) … possibilities are endless!

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