It’s True!

I guess I should have explained in my first post why I named my blog mamas13minutemile.  Well it is because it takes me around 13 minutes give or take to wog a mile.  What does wog mean do you say?  It is a combination of old lady jogging and walking.  🙂

I hate running.  It all stems from middle school.  That awkward time where you are trying to be cool but you are not.  Your best friend trades you in for the popular crowd and you have to change lockers.  The mean boy in math class tells you you have nice boobs but an ugly face.  Its survival folks.  I joined the track team in 7th grade.  For some reason unkown to me I got stuck with the hurdles.  I wasn’t good at it.  I think I was just one of the few girls that was willing to try it at a practice and the coach stuck me with it.  Um…thanks Mr. Adams.  I fell once during practice and cried in front of the whole team.  It was horrible.

Once during a meet my coach put me in the 4×100 relay with 3 popular girls.  Not sure why.  Usually I ran longer races because I was not fast.  I asked the girls if they wanted to practice the baton hand off for good measure.  They said no.  I am sure you can visualize what happened.  During my baton hand off with my ex best friend I dropped the baton.  Another girl at practice the next day called me the “B-word” and I never went back to practice again….or participated in any other sport through out my school career.

So my friend Ally started running a few months ago and told me she instantly loved it and started craving running.  I read blog posts all day long about these awesome runners and how it feels so good and they get in that zone.  I decided to try it.  I wogged 2.5 miles my first day and felt amazing.  My time wasn’t good but I felt accomplished.  I ran less the next time and finally decided to try and run an entire mile before I move any further than that.  That is where I have been stuck with my 13 minute mile.  I got down to close 12 minutes and then fell off the wagon but I am hopping back on.

I use Map My Run to track my milage and it gives you all the details.  Like this morning my first day back on the wagon went a little like this:

I ran 1.o1 miles.

It took me 13:26 minutes.

I burned 87 calories.

I averaged about 4 miles per hour.

Ugh.  But it will get better.  Cause I am making sure I report my runs on the blog.  My plan is to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I am okay if I get crazy and need to change the days but that is the goal.

Hopefully soon I will have to change my blog to mamas10minutemile :)!

Have a great Tuesday!



5 thoughts on “It’s True!

  1. I never could run, but now I look like a maimed velociraptor running (hip bolts get stuck in a groove). Its not pretty! I will live vicariously through you, my friend. You can so do this!

  2. I never have been a runner, but now I look like a maimed velociraptor while running (hip bolts get stuck). Also, I am a TERRIBLE blogger. Thus, I will live vicariously through you, my friend. You can so do this on both accounts! You are looking fabulous already!

  3. Haha! You are awesome! Love wog! I wog too!

    Oh I would love to be a team, my arms and your ninja skills, we could take over the world! Ha! ❤

  4. oh, and apparently I suck at leaving comments too, since I left the same one twice…

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